November 16, 2018 9th Dialogue meeting was held in Soma


November 16, 2018 10:00~12:00


Soma city, Fukushima

On November 16, IER held the 9th dialogue meeting in Soma city.

IER has been holding these meetings since 2016, in order to feedback our research results to local communities as our research cannot be done without understanding and cooperation of local community and we believe it is our responsibility to share the obtained results with the public. The main audience of the meeting were local farmers.

Prof. Nanba made a presentation on the temporal change of radiation in the evacuation zone, and how the nuclear accident has influenced wild animals, particularly wild boar.
The other presenter, Prof. Thomas Johnson, a visiting professor from Colorado State University, talked about the biological influences of long-term low-level radiation on wild animals by comparing between mice living in evacuated area and those in non-evacuated area.

One participant remarked that he was surprised to see the discrepancy between the presented data and what the rumors are saying.

Prof. Thomas Johnson (left) and Prof. Nanba (right) giving their presentations.