March 2, 2019 10th Dialogue meeting was held in Koriyama


March 2, 2019 13:30~16:00


Koriyama city, Fukushima

IER has continued to hold this dialogue since 2016, in order to feedback our research results to local communities. More than 60 people from local governments and communities attended the dialogue meeting, which was supported by the Kuramae-Kogyo-kai Fukushima branch (supporter’s association of Tokyo Institute of Technology.).

In Fukushima, river fish such as ayu (sweet fish), wakasagi (pond smelt), and koi (carp) are popular, and many people enjoy fishing in rivers and ponds. Given that our daily life is deeply connected with river, we set the title “福島県の放射能の今~淡水魚から考えよう(Let’s think about radioactive contamination on “Freshwater Fish” in Fukushima)” and five presentations were made by experts from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Fukushima Prefecture, Koriyama City, Abukuma River Fisheries Cooperative Association, and IER. The audience asked many questions and had active communications with the presenters.

We received comments from the participants saying that the meeting program was interesting with the various topics from industrial perspective to scientific study, the scientific term should be explained plainer to public, and etc. We will take your comments to improve our dialogue meeting.

Presentaion by Kiyoshi Horie (Abukuma River Fisheries Cooperative Association).
Presenters exchanging opinions with participants. From left, Toshihiro Wada, Akira Kato (Institute of Tokyo), Tsuneo Fujita (Fukushima Prefecture), Katsunori Yanai (Koriyama City)