January 30, 2023 We held an IER Special Seminar.<Prof. Levchuk>

Date & Time

Mon. January 30, 2023, 16:00 ‒ 18:00 JST


Online (Zoom)

Guest Speaker

Dr. Sviatoslav Levchuk, Head of Lab, Ukrainian Institute of Agricultural Radiology of NUBiP of Ukraine

Lecture Title

Radioecological monitoring: schedule, results, optimization

In some of the classes of the Master’s Program of Major in Environmental Radioactivity, distinguished external researchers are invited as guest lecturers, and their classes are open to other faculty members on campus as “Special Seminars”.

On January 30, Guest Speaker Dr Sviatoslav Levchuk gave an online lecture on the subject “Terrestrial Radioecology”. The lecture was attended by the IER Graduate School Master student as well as by the members of the IER and visiting researchers. In his lecture, Dr. Levchuk spoke about radioecological monitoring as a tool to ensure the radiation protection of the population and acquiring radioecological knowledge. Dr. Levchuk described the types of monitoring (source, environmental and individual monitoring) and presented typical monitoring requirements and procedures, as well as specifics of monitoring under normal conditions and at different stages of radiation emergencies. A local case study was also presented to illustrate how radioecological monitoring is conducted. The audience took an active part in the Q&A session, which was addressed issues related to the effectiveness of routine monitoring for detecting local accidents, optimization of monitoring and increasing its potential for obtaining scientific data, migration of 90Sr and its transfer to cereals, and other topics.