The 1st Annual Progress Report Meeting

We reported our research on environmental radioactivity conducted by researchers belonging to the Institute of Environmental Radioactivity, and some invited guests gave lectures.

Opening RemarksTakayuki TakahashiDirector
Introduction of IER
Outline and Projects by the Institute of Environmental RadioactivityTakayuki TakahashiDirector
Speciation Radiochemistry
Study on Physicochemical Form of Radionuclide in the Environment and its SignificanceHirofumi TsukadaProfessor
Earth Science + model
Earth Science Division – Main Directions of Experimental and Modeling Studies, Modeling ToolsMark ZheleznyakProfessor
Radiocaesium Mobility in the ≪Soil-Water≫ System – Underlying Processes. Looking at Fukushima from a Chernobyl perspectiveAleksei KonoplevProject Professor
Valentin GolosovProject Professor
Experimental Studies of Radiosecium Wash-off from the Watersheds and Observation of its Discharge in Niidagawa River BasinYoshifumi WakiyamaResearcher, Center for Research in Isotopes and Environmental Dynamics, University of Tsukuba
Modeling Studies of Cs Transport and Fate in Watersheds-Rivers-Reservoirs at FukushimaMark ZheleznyakProfessor
Sergii KivvaProject Professor
Radiocaesium and Tritium Dynamics in Seawater and Marine Biota in Coastal Region at FukushimaMichio AoyamaProfessor(Fixed-term)
Introduction of division Radioecological transfer and effectsKenji NanbaVice Director
Forest Project of IERVasyl IoshchenkoProject Professor
Interception and Storage of Deposited Radionuclides in CropsStefan BengtssonProject Assistant Professor
Influence of Soil Bacteria on the Redistribution of Elements in the EnvironmentOlena PareniukProject Assistant Professor
Radioactive cesium accumulation in the Body of Wild BoarKei OkudaProject Assistant Professor
New Tools for Quantifying Radiation Dose to Free-Ranging WildlifeThomas HintonProfessor
Development of an Underwater Robot for Lake SurveyingTakayuki TakahashiDirector
Validated Mobile Gamma SpectrometryAlan CresswellProject Associate Professor
Special Lectuers
JRODOS as an Example for a Model Decision Support System for Nuclear EmergenciesWolfgang RaskobHead of Group, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology(KIT)
Stakeholders Engagement and Involvement in Nuclear Emergency Preparedness – RODOS Driven Workshops and ExercisesTatiana DuranovaEmergency Planning Expert, Department of Safety Analysis, Nuclear Safety Division, VUJE, Inc.
Q&A session
Q & A coordinated by Prof. Nanba
Closing RemarksKenji NanbaVice Director