June 27, 2022  We held the 1st IER Seminar in-person and online Zoom participants.
<Project Lecture IGARASHI and Project Associate Professor GUSYEV>

Date & Time

Mon. June 27, 2022, 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Project Lecturer, Yasunori IGARASHI
Project Associate Professor, Maksym GUSYEV
(Presentation order)


Progress in FY2021 and plans for FY2022 (Igarashi)
Overview of research plans in Environmental Isotopes Modeling (Gusyev)

Institute of Environmental Radioactivity (IER) regularly holds the IER seminar in which the faculty members report on their research results, with the aim of facilitating their research activities and promoting communication.

The first IER Seminar in this fiscal year was held on June 27 with two presentations by Project Senior Assistant Professor, Yasunori IGARASHI, and Project Associate Professor, Maksym GUSYEV. The seminar was attended by 31 researchers and graduate students, including online attendees.

Project Senior Assistant Professor IGARASHI talked about his research conducted in 2021, including his research progress on the long-term investigation of dissolved and particulate 137Cs activity concentrations in river water of the middle part of the Abukuma River, as well as future research prospects and the SATREPS-Chornobyl project plans.

Project Associate Professor GUSYEV, who joined IER on 1st April 2022, gave the first presentation at the IER seminar on his research interests including river basins, groundwater flow, radionuclide transport, and environmental tracers. He also talked about preliminary findings of the SATREPS-Chornobyl project and his other research activities up to date and shared an overview of his research plan in Environmental Isotopes Modeling.

After the presentation, various questions and opinions were exchanged among participants.

Project Lecturer IGARASHI
Questions and answers time
Project Associate Professor GUSYEV
Overall view at the time of presentation