November 28, 2022 The 7th IER seminar was held.<Project Researcher Tatsuno, Trainee of SATREPS project, Burdo>

Date & Time

Monday, November 28, 2022, 2:00-3:00 PM


TATSUNO Takahiro, Project Researcher
Olena BURDO, Researcher of Institute for Nuclear Research, National Academy of Science, Ukraine/Trainee of the SATREPS project (Presentarion order)

Presentation Title

The contribution of Cesium rich microparticles to Cs concentration of river water and forest soil in Takase River watershed(Tatsuno)
Radiation effects in Rodents from Chornobyl exclusion zone Ukraine(Burdo)

Dr. Tatsuno

Institute of Environmental Radioactivity (IER) regularly holds the IER seminar in which the faculty members report on their research results, with the aim of facilitating their research activities and promoting communication.

In the 7th IER seminar of this fiscal year that held on November 28, 2022, two researchers gave presentations on their research activities and results. The seminar was attended by 20 researchers and students.

Dr. Tasuno presented his research on the distribution and dynamics of highly radioactive cesium-containing particles called CsMP (Radioactive cesium-rich microparticles) in soils and rivers. The results of field surveys and sample measurement and analysis showed that CsMPs are rather distributed in the soil surface layer and that they are discharged into rivers due to soil erosion during rainfall events but their effect on the solid-liquid partition coefficient (Kd) is small.

Dr. Burdo

Dr. Burdo is a researcher of Institute for Nuclear Research, National Academy of Science, Ukraine, and having training at IER and other research institutes in Japan as a JICA trainee of SATREPS Chornobyl project since August this year. She gave an overview of the research she has conducted in Ukraine, including research on wildlife around the Cooling Pond (a reservoir that supplies cooling water to the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant), which is part of the SATREPS Chornobyl project. She also explained the DNA and chromosome analysis methods that she learned during her training in Japan.

After each presentation, IER faculty members gave the presenters various questions and comments.