May 29, 2018 7th Dialogue meeting was held in Fukushima City


Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Fukushima City

IER held the 7th dialogue meeting at Abukuma River Fisheries Cooperative Association located in Iizaka Town, Fukushima City. Mr. Kiyoshi Horie, Executive Director of the Association, IER Professor Kenji Nanba, IER Associate Professor Toshihiro Wada, and the students of Fukushima University Symbiotic Systems Science and Technology participated in the presentation to report the current status of radioactive materials concentrated in river water and fish in the Abukuma River catchment. The participants exchanged opinions particularly on the fact that specimens exceeding the standard levels, especially of the species inhabiting a mountain stream such as Yamame and Iwana fishes, are still found sporadically in Fukawa, Date City, where they conducted a priority survey.

Before the nuclear accident, more than 4,000 members of the Association were engaged in various activities such as fishery, education and hobbies in the Abukuma River, which remains restricted continually after the accident. We will continue to conduct research activities aimed at resuming activities in the Abukuma River.