The 9th Annual Symposium

Date and Time

Oral and Poster presentation for experts: 10:00-18:15 on Monday, 13 February , 2023
Symposium for the General Public: 13:00-17:00 on Tuesday, 14 February , 2023


Environmental Radioactivity: New Frontiers

Abstracts are available for download from the below.

Oral Presentation, Feb. 13
Program of the Oral & Poster Presentation for Experts Feb. 13
TimeProgram / TitleSpeakerAffiliation
10:00-10:10Opening RemarksONDA YuichiDirector ERAN and CRiED, Professor, University of Tsukuba
10:10-10:40Ecological Resuspension of Radioactive Cs in Contaminated Forest AreaIGARASHI YasuhitoProfessor, Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science, Kyoto University
10:40-11:20Flash Talk 160 Projects
11:30-12:00Long-term transfer of radiocesium within the forest in Fukushima PrefectureKATO HiroakiAssociate Professor, Center for Research in Isotopes and Environmental Dynamics, University of Tsukuba
12:00-12:40Flash Talk 260 Projects
13:40-14:10Monitoring methodology of tritium in the environmentAKATA NaofumiProfessor, Institute of Radiation Emergency Medicine, Hirosaki University
14:10-14:35Flash Talk 335 Projects
14:45-15:15Long-term variation of 137Cs concentration in river systems with different 137Cs accumulation watershed in Fukushima and Gunma Prefecture, JapanNAGAO SeiyaDirector, Institute of Nature and Environmental Technology, Kanazawa University
15:15-15:45DiscussionFacilitator: ONDA YuichiDirector ERAN and CRiED, Professor, University of Tsukuba
15:45-15:55Closing RemarksNANBA KenjiDirector, IER / Professor, Fukushima University
16:00-18:00Poster Presentation
Program of the Symposium for the General Public Feb. 14
TimeProgram / TitleSpeakerAffiliation
13:00-13:05Opening RemarksMIURA HirokiPresident, Fukushima University
13:05-13:15OverviewNANBA KenjiDirector, IER/ Professor, Faculty of Symbiotic Systems Science
13:15-13:45Development of a visualization device of radiation distribution based on a new conceptTORII TatsuoProject Professor, IER
13:45-14:15Terrestrial dynamics of radio-cesium – past, present and future –IGARASHI YasunoriProject Senior Assistant Professor, IER
14:15-14:45New frontiers for understanding of dynamics of tritium in the marine environmentTAKATA HyoeAssociate Professor, IER
14:55-15:25Frontiers and remaining issues in fisheries restoration of FukushimaWADA ToshihiroAssociate Professor, IER
15:25-15:55Radiation risk perception and the recovery of FukushimaTAKAMURA NoboruVice Director, IER/ Professor, Nagasaki University
15:55-16:25Radioecology after Fukushima: Lessons Learned and Challenges for the FutureAlexei KONOPLEVVice Director/ Project Professor, IER
16:25-16:55DiscussionFacilitator: TSUKADA HirofumiProfessor, IER
16:55-17:00Closing RemarksTAKAMURA NoboruVice Director, IER/ Professor, Nagasaki University

For day 1, it was held jointly with the 2022 ERAN Annual Meeting, and the Oral and poster presentation were conducted. All the oral presentations for experts were given in English. We received many questions from participants, such as how groundwater is affected by tritium. The “Student Award” was presented to students who gave the outstanding poster presentation at this year’s poster session. Three students received the award, including KUROSAWA Honoka, a PhD student in the IER and Polina PAVLENKO, who has been accepted in the SATREPS Chernobyl project.

For day 2, in the symposium for the general public, six IER professors gave presentations on the theme “Environmental Radioactivity: New Frontiers”. We received a variety of questions from participants, both from researchers and the general public. Several questions were asked about ALPS treated water, indicating the high interest in the release of ALPS treated water from the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant. In the discussion session, all presenters were asked about their thoughts: what kind of thoughts led to their presentation.

Thank you very much for your participation in the annual symposium!

Discussion session Feb. 13
Poster Presentation
Poster Presentation
Photo Shooting after first day
Associate Professor TAKATA Hyoe on Feb. 14
Discussion session
KUROSAWA Honoka won the student award for her poster presentation.
Polina PAVLENKO won the student award for her poster presentation.
Photo shooting after the second day