ENVIRA2017 International Conference on Environmental Radioactivity

Date29 May-2 June 2017
VenueVilnius, Lithuania
Speaker / TitleD.Tsumune, M.Aoyama
K.Hirose, T.Tsubono,
K.Misumi, Y.Tateda
Estimations of direct release rate of 137Cs, 90Sr and 3H from the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant for four-and-ahalf years
Y.Tateda, K.Misumi,
D.Tsumune, M.Aoyama,
Y.Hamajima, J.Kanda,
T.Ishimaru, T.Aono
Reconstruction of temporal change of radiocesium level in bottom sediment off Fukushima for evaluating contribution to benthic food chain transfer
J.Kaizer, M.Aoyama, J.Pánik,
P.P.Povinec , I.Sýkora, Y.Tateda,
Poster : Sequential scavenging of radiocesium and plutonium from seawater and their determination by γ-spectrometry and AMS