Hyoe Takata

Associate Professor

Institute of Environmental Radioactivity Radioisotope Geoscience Division, Marine Radionuclide Dynamics


Ph.D in Fishery Science from Graduate School of Fisheries Science, Hokkaido University.

My field of expertise is to study the dynamics of trace elements and radionuclides including accidentally released radionuclides in the ocean.

Main Focus of Research

  • Time transient of radioactive cesium in the waters in the proximity of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
  • Evaluation of the effects of radionuclides in coastal waters through rivers
  • Interaction of radionuclide between solid and liquid phases in estuary
  • Study of transport and migration of radionuclides in the marine environment by  natural analogues

Fields of Research

Marine chemistry, chemical oceanography, marine environmental radioactivity


Sorption-desorption, solid-liquid phase, transfer parameter, box model, natural analogues

Academic Society Memberships

Japan Oceanographic Society, Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU)

Research Overview

I have been studying the dynamics of trace elements and radionuclides in the marine environment by means of field surveys and laboratory experiments. I also developed chemical analytical methods for the measurement of trace levels of nuclides in seawater.

After the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident, I have been conducting research on artificial radionuclide dynamics in the ocean. In particular, 1: spatiotemporal distribution of radiocesium in the waters around the plant for two years immediately after the accident. 2: Evaluation of the contributory sources to sustain the 137Cs inventories above background levels for several years after the accident using a box model. 3: Spatiotemporal distribution of radiocesium in marine zooplankton in the waters off the FDNPP.

I have been conducting the study of behavior of radiocesium from rivers to the coastal waters, and also conducting the estimation of riverine radiocesium fluxes to the marine environment.

A few words

The issue of present radioactive contamination in the marine environment has received considerable attention in Japan, so I explain the current status of the radioactivity in the marine environment in the national and international symposiums. I also explain the present status in the marine environment using brochures for a better-understand. Our results will be shared within the national and international scientific community.

Curriculum vitae


Degree of Bachelor of Fisheries science from Hokkaido University


Degree of Doctor of Fisheries science from Hokkaido University


Postdoctoral researcher, National Institute of Radiological Sciences


Researcher, Marine Ecology Research Institute


Major researcher, Marine Ecology Research Institute


Project associate professor, Fukushima University


Associate professor, Fukushima University