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Doctoral Program

The Major in Environmental Radioactivity (Doctoral Program*) offers class subjects in the three fields of study: ecology, modeling, and measurement. It conducts practical educational activities utilizing the observatory sites in Fukushima and the collaborative relationships with both international and Japanese universities and research institutions.

In each Field of study, students will acquire a high level of expertise, which forms the basis of the Doctoral Program and also specialized knowledge and skills required for researchers and professionals in the field of environmental radioactivity. Under the supervision of instructors from different fields of specialization, students will further develop their expertise from multiple perspectives, merging and deepening the specialized knowledge and technologies. Also, students develop the ability to communicate and share the knowledge acquired with the general public by putting 'science communication' into practice.

The aim of the Major in Environmental Radioactivity (Doctoral Program) is to develop researchers and professionals capable of identifying and resolving tasks related to environmental radioactivity, leading academic development of such duties, and contributing to society from a global perspective.