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Ismail M.M. Rahman (Associate Professor at IER) will serve as a Topic Editor for the Research Topic POLLUTION, and as a Guest Editor for a special issue of SEPARATIONS entitled "Recent Advances in Metal Separations and Recovery."
"Recent Advances in Metal Separations and Recovery"

January, 2022 Geochemical Journal (Edited and published by : The Geochemical Society of Japan ) Volume55 : Special issue “the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident and geochemistry: 10 years after the Fukushima accident” Three specials have been posted.

WADA Toshihiro Associate Professor
TAKATA Hyoue Project Associate Professor
KANASASHI Tsutomu Project Researcher
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January, 2022
A special feature by Prof. Tatsuo Torii was published in Journal of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan, ATOMOΣ.
Activities in the field of radiation engineering for 10 years after the 1F accident and future prospects Tatsuo TORII, Yukuhisa SANADA, Yuki SATO(Volume 64 (2022) Issue 1)
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March 12, 2021
The ongoing SATREPS Japan-Ukraine joint research project was featured on JICA website.[Ten years since the Great East Japan Earthquake Vol. 2] Fukushima and Chernobyl: Creating the future through scientific research and sharing the lessons learned
JICA(Japan International Cooperation Agency)Top page

October 21, 2017
Будущее Чернобыля. Украинские и японские ученые совместно разрабатывают проект зонирования зоны отчуждения (112UA)

August 28, 2017
Manga "Nasubi no Gimon (Nasubi asks Questions)" Food Edition (MOE)

September 7, 2017
The implementation of the joint Ukrainian-Japanese scientific and technical program SATREPS continues in the Exclusion Zone (SAUZEM)


October 2022 "Measurement Technology" (Nippon Kogyo Shuppan Co., Ltd.) published an article by Professor Tatauo TORII.
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An English-language academic book by the IER researchers has been published
「Behavior of Radionuclides in the Environment III Fukushima」 more detail.

April 2022 A paper authored by Maksym Gusyev, Projest Associate Professor, and others was published in the Journal of Hydrology.
Comprehensive evaluation of parameter importance and optimization based on the integrated sensitivity analysis system: A case study of the BTOP model in the upper Min River Basin, China / Journal of Hydrology

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December 5,
October 31, 2022 The 6th IER seminar was held.
〈Professor Tsukada, Associate Professors Hirao and Wakiyama〉

October 24, 2022 The 5th IER seminar was held.〈Graduate students〉
[IER Activity Log] New!
November 14,
October 24, 2022  We held an IER Special Seminar.<Prof. Johnson and Prof. Yoschenko>
October 17, 2022  We held an IER Special Seminar online.<Dr. Steinhauser>
October 5, 2022 Students from Fukushima High School visited IER [IER Activity Log] New!
November 8,
November 2, 2022 Professor TSUKADA Hirofumi gave an invited lecture at the IAEA Technical Meeting.
October 4, 2022 Professor Tsukada conducted a survey in Katsurao Village, Fukushima.
The degree conferment ceremony took place on Friday 30 September 2022. [IER Activity Log]
October 20,
FY2021 external evaluations by the Advisory Board and our responses are uploaded. [External Evaluation]
September 30,
International seminar about SATREPS Chornobyl project will be held in Warsaw, Poland on October 5-6, 2022
September 27,
October 2022 "Measurement Technology" (Nippon Kogyo Shuppan Co., Ltd.) published an article by Professor Tatauo TORII.
September 26,
Obituary: Dr. AOYAMA Michio
September 20,
On August 19, 2022 Ceremony was held for the handover of equipment to Ukraine.
Training of Ukrainian Researcher [IER Activity Log]
September 1,
【OPEN for Submissions!】Ismail M.M. Rahman (Associate Professor at IER) will serve as a Topic Editor and a Guest Editor. [Media]
August 24, 2022 August 8, 2022 Students conducted a fishing survey [IER Activity Log]
Research Columns:Selective separation of radionuclides from environmental matrices using proprietary solid-phase extraction systems: A review   [Research Output]
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April 13, 2021 We held the 7th Annual Symposium on March 18.[Research Output]