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Joint Research, Commissioned Research, Donation for Research Purposes

▼ Joint Research
A cooperated research conducted on an equal footing under mutual contracts, receiving research expenses from outside institutions such as private corporations, local public entities, independent administrative corporations and semi-governmental corporations.

▼ Commissioned Research
A research that is conducted when we receive a commission from a client (no restrictions). It will be carried out on an equal footing and the expenses of research will be charged to the client. Also, the results of the research will be always reported to the client.

▼ Donation for Research Purposes
A contribution which is accepted to encourage scientific research at Fukushima University. Contributions that we receive will be used to promote our scientific research in our university on the basis of contributor's wish. Also, we are prohibited to deal with private accounts in Fukushima University. Moreover contributions or subsidy received privately must only be contributed to the university, the university will administer the accounting.