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How were radioactive substances spread through the environment after being emitted by the March 2011 Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident? Where will the radionuclides reside within Fukushima in the future? What will happen to the radionuclides during extreme weather conditions, such as severe rain storms or strong winds? To answer these types of questions we need methods to predict the transport phenomenon of radioactive substances. Numerical calculation modeling plays an important role in making such predictions. Our modeling group seeks to understand the current situation of radioactive substances in Fukushima and predict their future conditions. The research requires close coordination of IER's modelling group with IER's field researchers that survey radionuclide contamination in the real environment. We quickly transfer the new data that they collect in Fukushima to numerical models so that predictions about the future state of radioactive contamination are more accurate and contain less uncertainty.

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