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Measurement & Analysis

In the measuring and analysis group, we develop instruments that are adapted to measure and analyze radiation in the harsh environments of forests, rivers, lakes and marshes. We also use existing equipment for analyses, develop analytical methods to quickly evaluate fixed quantities of radionuclides, and study environmental dynamics of radionuclides at the micro-scale level.

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Activity Log

October 2017
Fukushima University started accepting young researchers from Asian countries three years ago through the Nuclear Researchers Exchange Program of Japanese Ministry of Education Culture Sports Science and Technology.
This year, we welcomed Ms. Viktoria Kim, an engineer at the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Previous participants included researchers from the Philippines and Vietnam. From October till mid-December, Ms. Kim will be trained in using different equipment and instruments for measuring radioactive samples, both at the Faculty of Symbiotic Systems Science and IER.
On this day, Dr. Tsugiko Takase, Project Associate Professor of IER, gave a lecture on calibration methods (energy calibration & calibration for detection efficiency) using a standard source and one of 13 germanium detectors installed at IER. Ms. Kim, who is engaged in monitoring radioactivity concentrations in water at her home institute, was attentively listening to Dr. Takase, actively asking questions and taking notes.
[Dr. Takase and Ms. Kim checking the data from a previously measured sample while measuring the standard source.]