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A Message from Our New Director

Hirofumi Tsukada

My term as Director of IER began on April 1, 2018. The IER was established in July 2013, following the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident in 2011, and will mark its fifth year this year. During the past years, we have received great support and cooperation from many individuals and organizations. The main building that houses faculty and administration offices, laboratories, seminar rooms, and a conference hall was completed in February 2017, and our capabilities have been steadily strengthened in terms of personnel and facilities.

At first, our research objective was to scientifically elucidate the behavior of radionuclides in the environment. However, even now, 7 years after the nuclear accident, areas still remain under evacuation order and even the former residents cannot enter their home town without permission. With this reality in mind, I believe that we need to further advance, with new perspectives, research on radionuclide behavior in Fukushima’s environments, but also to expand the scope of research to better understand the behavior of both artificial and natural radionuclides in other parts of Japan and the world.

In addition, we need to tackle the difficult task of studying radiation effects on the environment as well as countermeasures. Many more studies need to be done to understand the effects of chronic exposure to low-dose/low-dose-rate radiation, which is the case in Fukushima, as well as how the environment has changed due to the absence of human activities. Therefore, we at IER will take on new challenges with a new framework while continuing our environmental radioactivity research.

Furthermore, in our efforts for human resources development, we are preparing to establish a graduate course in the field of environmental radioactivity, which will start accepting students in April 2019. As a part of Fukushima University, which is deeply rooted in and committed to the local community of Fukushima, the IER will continue to promote excellent research in environmental radioactivity and share our research results with the rest of the world.

I deeply appreciate your continued support for our future endeavors.



2011 MarchGreat East Japan Earthquake and TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident occurred.
2012 AugustThe first meeting of the Establishment Preparation Committee
2013 MarchDecision to be granted subsidy for enhancing and promoting national university reform from The Ministry of Education, Cultures, Sports, and Technology
2013 JulyInstitute of Environmental Radioactivity was established.
2014 Sept.Completion of the building for analyzing in Institute of Environmental Radioactivity
2017 Feb.Complete the main building of IER


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