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IER researchers serve as guest editors of a special issue of the open access journal Water "Radioactivity of Hydrological and Coastal Systems: Research Advances after Major Nuclear Accidents" Deadline for manuscript submissions: September 1, 2021

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April 13, 2021 We held an orientation for new graduate students on April 5.[IER Activity Log]New!
April 13, 2021 We held the 7th Annual Symposium on March 18.[Research Output]New!

Research Papers

February 26, 2021 The papers of Project Assistant Professor Yasunori Igarashi have been published.[Research Output]

Impacts of freeze-thaw processes and subsequent runoff on 137Cs washoff from bare land in Fukushima

Simulation study of radionuclide atmospheric transport after wildland fires in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in April 2020

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